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Financial Services

Why integrated financial, insurance, taxes and technology?

Because today financial landscape is extremely complex. There are thousands of different investments to choose from, dozens of insurance policies to select and a very complicated tax code. Computer technology helps manage your financial needs in an effective and efficient way. Just as large investment banks and insurance companies use sophisticated computational models to manage their money we use technology to manage the basic, yet complex, financial needs of individuals and families.

iFIT2 is an independent financial and technology firm founded to address the needs of busy people. You can focus on running your business while we use our resources and expertise to help you organize your personal finances, retirement plan, insurance policies, income tax returns and estate plan. ​

At iFIT2 we are hired by you, the client. Our only contract is with you and we work to serve your needs and interests. ​​​​​​​​​​​We identify the most appropriate financial instruments, tools, and strategies to satisfy your needs at the lowest possible cost to you while maintaining your desired exposure to risk. We are sensitive to your unique needs and goals and specialize in teaching our clients the proposed financial strategies in simple terms. 

Have five or more employees? iFIT2 has developed effective education programs to help your employees understand the basics of finance and develop tax minimization and wealth accumulation strategies. We also provide you with assistance in the design of your employee benefits plan.